Marketing Guideline for RECARO Partners


1. Introduction

RECARO Holding GmbH is the owner of the RECARO brand. RECARO Automotive Seating GmbH, Stuttgarter Straße 73, 73230 Kirchheim/Teck, Germany ("RECARO") and its relevant affiliates in the sense of Sections 15 et. seq. of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG) (collectively RECARO Automotive Seating) uses the brand and its logo according to the very detailed rules specified in a license agreement. This license agreement gives RECARO Automotive Seating the right to unlimited and exclusive use of the brand worldwide for the automotive sector (cars and commercial vehicles). All business partners of RECARO Automotive Seating (importers, service partners / distributors, other licensed or distribution partners; collectively the "RECARO Partners") are also subject to these rules. The most important requirements for these RECARO Partners are shown below.

Insofar we reference to the following detailed executions of the Marketing Guideline, which serve as a basis for all marketing activities:

  • Corporate Design Guide describing the RECARO Corporate Design
  • Marketing Services / Equipment:
  • Advertisement
  • Merchandising
  • Trade shows / fairs o Multimedia
  • Partner-Logo Brochures / Sales Promotion articles
  • Product images
  • Showroom Equipment
  • Social Mediao Trainings: Brand, History, Core Competence
  • Product Training
  • Website

2. Use of the RECARO Trademark and Logo

The RECARO logo is protected by law and may only be used by authorized RECARO Partners in accordance with the following rules. Basically, it is not allowed to create the impression that the RECARO Partner is representing the company RECARO itself, for example when using RECARO-Partner-own means of communication.

a.) Own means of communication as well as office equipment:

Only the use of the provided Logo "Authorized Partner" is permitted. The Partner-Logo shows the status as a "RECARO - Authorized Partner". The Partner-Logo shall be used as a decorative element. The Partner-Logo is only available in black and white - further colors are not allowed.

RECARO-Partners-own means of communication and its office equipment have to be in their own corporate design. The application or the reproduction of the RECARO Corporate Design, for RECARO-Partnes' activities is not allowed.

b.) Use of RECARO mean of communication

As our authorized RECARO-Partner you have the possibility to get marketing documents and tools. For a professional appearance as an official "RECARO - Authorized Partner" as well as the use of the strength of the RECARO brand for promotion activities, you are required to use these materials.

c.) Correct spelling of the brand name RECARO

As a word mark the brand RECARO must be written in large capitals. a. For example right: ... the product advantages of RECARO Ergomed For example wrong: ... the product advantages of Recaro Ergomed

a. For example right: ... the product advantages of RECARO Ergomed

b. For example wrong: ... the product advantages of Recaro Ergomed     

d.) Third-party products

Only RECARO is permitted to offer RECARO-branded third-party products, such as specific seating products, merchandising-articles, accessories and services.

e.) Communication in your own name:

In all mediums of communications it is necessary to integrate the RECARO Partner's company name and address. An appearance on behalf of RECARO is not allowed. It has to be clearly highlighted, the RECARO Partner is communicating under its own name. Any other applies, especially the exclusive use of the brand RECARO is prohibited.

Should be, in exceptional cases, another presentation necessary, the concrete case must be coordinated with the responsible RECARO Automotive Seating Marketing department contact.

3. Advertising Templates

The advertising templates provided by RECARO Automotive Seating shall be used. Advertising templates can be found on the RECARO Partnernet. After printing, the RECARO Partner is committed to send a specimen copy to the RECARO Automotive Seating Marketing department for filing, controlling and reporting purposes. Changes are not allowed.

4. Merchandising

The use of the provided Merchandising products from RECARO Automotive Seating is permitted. The production and distribution of own created merchandising products on behalf of RECARO is not allowed.

5. Trade Shows / Fairs

  • When Trade Shows or other events are organized by the RECARO Partner, it is necessary to coordinate the usage of RECARO trademark with the RECARO Automotive Seating Marketing Department. This will also apply when RECARO is not central participant of the fair or event.
  • The design of all used marketing instruments (booth, flyer etc.) must be used in such a way that it is clear that the RECARO Partner is responsible for such use. RECARO does not assume any legal responsibility or liability in this respect.
  • For a professional trade show, RECARO provides a mobile booth or a showmobil (more details are given in the Partnernet) under a separate agreement inter alia clarifying responsibility and liability of RECARO is excluded.

6. Multimedia

  • RECARO Image Film and RECARO Sitting correctly FilmThe use of these films is only permitted in your showroom. The films from the DVD are not authorized for use on the Internet. To put the offered movies on the RECARO Partner's website, the RECARO YouTube Channel has to be used. From this the video can be "embed". It is not allowed to do any changes.

7. Brochures

  • Flyers and Brochures For English speaking countries: Possible to use existing English versions of RECARO brochures. Foreign-speaking countries: The tool Web2Print can be used for translations of RECARO brochures in country-specific language. Also Bulk production is possible: Printing of RECARO brochures together with the other RECARO Partners in Germany. The same quality is given, as the original RECARO brochures - due to a higher quality even with attractive pricing.

8. Images

  • Product Pictures: The RECARO Partnernet offers the possibility to download images of RECARO Products. It is possible to integrate them on the specific importer's website. It is not allowed to do any changes. Images in high-definition for private use and images in low-definition for advertising presence are provided for download.
  • Image Pictures: The use of the "Image Pictures" are only permitted in RECARO advertising media (for example brochures). Thus, no Image Pictures will be provided.

9. Showroom

For a professional Showroom design, the basics, provided by RECARO, should be used. See Showroom Equipment available under: Showroom.

10. Texts

  • Product texts Only the texts defined by RECARO can be used. Variations are only permitted in coordination with and following [written] approval of the RECARO Automotive Seating Marketing Department.
  • Textual extracts from official company-specific texts are only permitted in coordination with and following written approval by the RECARO Automotive Seating Marketing Department.

11. Trainings

Training material is only for private use. It is not allowed to pass the documents on or otherwise disclose their content to third parties. [RDD1]Verlinkt auf den Teil des Partnernetz

12. Website incl. Domain / Social Media

1. Website in the own corporate design

  • Websites or social media accounts are only permitted if they can be designed in such a way that they do not create the impression that the presence is an official RECARO site or page. RECARO Automotive Seating operates the official website and the social media channels itself.
  • DomainsRECARO Partners are NOT permitted to reserve country domains with the name "" for their own use or to operate them. Combinations with the wordmark RECARO are also not permitted. This refers to the wording before the so-called country code.

Example WRONG: www.recaro-RECARO

Example RIGHT: www. RECARO

2. Official RECARO Partner's website

  • All steps to creating your RECARO Partner site are taken by RECARO Automotive Seating. You do not have to register any domain. Any necessary updates are performed by RECARO. You are solely and exclusively responsible for the translation into your local language and the management of any updates. To present the products, the official provided product images and texts must be used.